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  • Terms and Conditions 

    This purchase agreement is subject to final confirmations and payment. 

    Within 48 hrs of the receipt of this order the Pump Exchange will contact the buyer to confirm final
    specifications, deliveries, warranties and details. 

    The Pump Exchange will provide fully rebuilt Island ready dispensers with generic  specifications. These
    will have fully tested  electronics and complete fluid testing. This pricing includes generic specifications that consists of either stainless steel or grey sides with freshly painted black or grey bezels and new white powder
    coated lower doors. Additional specifications, special vapor or EPP keypads are extra. All hanging hardware or valances are extra. 

    Freight and Taxes are extra and will be confirmed prior to final shipment. 

    Delivery usually takes 3-5 weeks and a delivery date is on a best efforts basis subject to final payment
    confirmation. A forklift will be required to deliver and unload the dispensers provided by the owner.

    Payment terms are as follows: A 50 % down payment paid by cashier’s check, money order or bank wire will begin production and get a delivery date. Deposits are non refundable subject to a restocking fee and all equipment must be paid for in advance prior to final delivery. 

    In the event of a dispute attorney fees will apply for the prevailing party subject to the laws of
    the State of California. The Pump Exchange Inc is a California Corporation.

    By clicking the submit/checkout cart button below you accept these terms and conditions.  You will receive a call back in 48 hrs.